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  • Paxton Access Control
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  • PAX-682-920-US

Paxton Starter Kit 2x Net2Plus POE, Enrlmnt Rdr ,10 Card,10 Token,2xP50M,Pro SW



The Paxton Net2Plus is an advanced access control solution. A Net2 installation can control a single door, or expanded to control hundreds of doors and can support up to 10,000 users. Multiple Net2Plus controllers can be connected to each other by way of TCPIP or RS485. This greatly increases the number of installation options available. One Net2 plus can also be used as the TCP/IP interface for an RS485 daisy chain of Net2 plus and Net2 classic units.

Access permissions may be set individually or by department. This makes setting up different permissions for different groups of people quick and straightforward. Some areas may be restricted to only a certain group of users. Shift patterns may be set for departments, and those permissions are allocated instantly when a new user card is issued.

An events screen allows viewing of ‘real time’ events as they are happening. Monitor who is where in a building, if doors have been left propped open or a door has been forced. In addition to the ‘live’ information, reports can easily be created from the software.

Net2 software can be loaded onto one or many PC’s in your organisation. Different administrative rights may be given to each user. Perhaps the Security Manager would be the only person who could alter users’ access permissions, but it may be convenient for your receptionist to be able to issue cards for visitors. Up to five PC’s on a network may administer the system simultaneously.

Net2 systems may be used with a choice of proximity readers, hands-free devices, cardlock (magstripe) readers and TouchLock keypads. Net2 is also compatible with a range of 3 third-party readers, including biometric readers.



(2) 682-630-US; Net2 Plus in Metal Cabinet with PoE + Power Supply

(2) 345-200-US; P50M Readers

(1) 514-326-US; USB Enrollment Reader

(1) 930-010-US; Net2 Pro Software

(1) 692-500-US; Net2 Prox ISO Cards without Magstripe – Pack of 10

(1) 695-644-US; Net2 Prox Keyfobs – Box of 10



Nominate those who have permission to unset and set the intruder alarm. When they present their token to the door, the alarm will unset prior to the door unlocking. If the alarm is set, only these nominated people will be able to access the building. This easy-to-use feature helps prevent false alarms.



Through its easy-to-use ‘Triggers and Actions' function, Net2 can send SMS or emails when a specified trigger happens. Get an SMS message sent to your mobile if a door is forced!



See who is at the door, before you let them in. View what is happening throughout your building.



Turn lights on when you arrive in the morning; turn them off when the alarm is set at night - easy with ‘Triggers and Actions’.



Hands-free access control enables any Net2 door equipped with P series PROXIMITY readers to achieve hands-free ranges of up to 2.5m. Doors are converted to hands-free simply by wiring a hands-free interface between the reader and control unit. Hands-free tokens are then supplied to users who require hands-free access. Both standard Net2 and hands-free tokens will work on a Net2-equipped door.



A user may present their token, this calls the lift and takes them to the relevant floor.